The Family Tree Site of the Calcote Family
and our Ancestors & Cousins is the largest and most extensive privately sponsored
family tree database on the Internet, featuring the descendants of

•  Hercules Calcott   [1640 - 1684] •  Benjamin Britt   [1715 - 1775]
•  Joseph Cutrer   [1734 - 1796] •  Howell Wall   [1732 - 1791]

and many, many others with roots extending as far back as the year 1022.
Our database includes 28,047 individuals, 10,171 family groups & 3,902 surnames.

The most frequent surnames included in our database are Smith (2280), Calcote (1243), Britt (848), Wall (843), Case (472) and Cutrer (407). Surnames of more than 100 include Cade, Walker, Allen, Jackson, Durr, Williams, Newell, Jones, Lofton, Kennedy, Ratcliff, Wilson, McDaniel, Kimble, King, Montgomery, Stewart, McGee and Pierce.


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